Sitting Room Only | BIOS
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Hannah Marshall – Director/Producer


Possibly best known for her acting career on shows in NZ, Australia and the US –  it’s interesting that she doesn’t like her having her photo taken or watching her face on camera. So she jumped to the other side of the camera. Hannah has a deep love for hip-hop and getting to know people, this project satisfied one of those loves. But she did talk about hip hop a lot.This is Hannah’s directorial debut, and hopefully is one series of many, many more.


Fleur Saville – Producer  


Fleur Saville is a producer, actress, event organiser, and people connector. She has been based in LA for the last 5 years having had a successful career as an actress in New Zealand. Currently working on a plethora of projects, she has produced and acted in web series Salon-a-phobia, feature film Blood Punch and is currently producing a documentary feature for Lee Aronsohn Magic Music movie. A woman of many talents and anecdotes, her skills as a producer and performer provide the (hypothetical) double punch combination to her seven (actual) concussions.


David de Lautour – Editor / Cameraman


David was responsible for turning a sitting room into a film studio which he did with some lights, a bit of black fabric and a whole lot of tape.As a writer/director, David’s three short films have played in various festivals around the globe and his latest project, Bleed Black – a Rugby Documentary, recently won a silver award at the FAME’US International Film Festival and was an official selection at The Mississippi Film and Music Festival.David is currently starring in the New Zealand TV3 show Westside alongside fellow interviewee Antonia Prebble and Director Hannah Marshall.